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Welcome to Vital Heart Tour and Travel

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Vital Heart tour and travel, situated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is a privately owned company. Since its establishment, Vital heart tour and travel has continued to provide a wide range of high-quality tour and travel services to its consumers. To meet client demands, our company tries to establish good collaboration and relationships with a variety of international organizations and suppliers throughout the world.

Vital heart tour and travel's principles are intrinsically linked to its employees' key principles, such as innovative technology, excellent quality, value, and friendliness to please customers.

Our Destinations


Our tour activities include Hiking, Trekking, Camping, Cultural interactions and a lot more.

Travel Arrangements

Our Employees will assist you on arranging your travel, that ensures you to have a smooth trip.

Private Guide

A private tour guide will be provided for assisting, information on cultural, historical and contemporary heritages.

Location Manager

The location manager will ensure all the travel arrangements run as smoothly as possible and provide practical support throughout your trip.

Our only mission can be summed up with only six simple words – “to be our customers’ only choice” .

Asaminew Abiyu

Chief Executive Officer

About Us

Make Your Tour Memorable and Safe With Us

Our goal is to go above and beyond for our clients and gain their loyalty. We achieve this by providing excellent quality of service and affordable pricing while maintaining our quality and growth targets.

We understand that the expertise, quality, and skill of our network's partners are vital to Vital Heart Tour & Travel's success. We are continually growing our footprint by forming smart alliances with new businesses in key markets.

Our vision is to become among the leading tour and travel-related service providers in Ethiopia.

Tour Destinations

Addis Ababa City Places

Our Destinations


Tour Destination

Addis Ababa City Tour
1 Day Tour

Full Day Tour of Addis Ababa with Hotel Pickup and Drop-off

National Museum, Entoto park, Silase cathedral, Lunch

Addis Ababa City Tour
1 Day Tour

Full day Local Ethiopian Food and Drink Tour

vegetarian, beef, and fish dishes plus fresh fruit juices and coffee.

Addis Ababa City Tour
1 Day Tour

Prepare for the Best Day Tour in Addis Ababa

Museums, Churches, Coffee tasting program

Addis Ababa City Tour
1 Day Tour

Market Tour and Cooking Class with a Coffee Ceremony at a Home in Addis Ababa

Catch markets, teach you how to cook traditional Ethiopian dishes like injera and coffee ceremony

Shewa Zone Tour
1 Day Tour

Day Trip From Addis Ababa To Debre Libanos & Portuguese Bridge

local hut or grass houses of the countryside, fabulous waterfalls at the Portuguese bridge, monastery and its museums

Gurage Zone Tour
1 Day Tour

Day trip to the UNESCO heritage site Tiya and Adadi Mariam

Melka Kunture is a megalithic Site the Ethiopian Stonehenge, The Tiya Stella Registered by the UNESCO World Heritage Site


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